What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization, or better, is set of activities that together contribute to give an higher rank for a website into search engines. SEO is evolving conitnuosly, and there is not a certified formula to promote a website.People use to think that a good promotion is given only by the keywords used into webpages, or putting relevant words in evidence in their articles. Well, that’s correct, and at the same time insufficient to make your business happening at the high positions.

To prevent users from spamming, many search engines today adopts complex algorithm to qualify a site. On page factors, such as tag title, meta tag, keyord density, anchor text or content structure, are all elements captured by crawlers, but there are also other ways to identify if a website is better that a similar one.

We are talking of the Off Page Factors. Off page factors, are all the other elements  that are computed by Search Engines algorithms in order to determine the ranking. Some of those are: Link Popularity, Link Building, Article Marketing and Backlinks .

A mixture of those two ingredients gives you the capability to have a good starting point to promote your business on the internet, but it’s still not the correct receipt to reach the success.

There are other factors, that really help a site to be popular, such as the freshness of the contents, how many other site refer to your contents or how frequently your contributors update your articles. SEO it’s not a software that you install on your site, but it’s a kind of a continuous process that positioned between the Web developer and the Web Marketing  Specialist jobs.

Our SEO manager remember when he started to rank his first website in 1997 and there was only a form in which you were asked to insert only the URL address of your website and a brief description. It was funny to see how Google after few hours ranked the keywords without problems…

Today Internet evolved  in a global different way, and this is why here at Ants Marching we believe that technology is not a product but it’s a concept!

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