Is your website easy to navigate on any device?

Internet Technologies are now heading to the new frontier of websites. The new challenge is to build a website not only for normal computers, but also for the outstanding leading technology represented by mobile devices.

Nowadays the real challenge is represented by the implementation of a single website. An interface designed specifically for a monitor needs to be adapted to a smaller screen of a mobile phone or a tablet device. This boring operation was addressed before, by remapping all the images, website areas and other key aspects, to be adapted to the smaller mobile screens.

Our team has developed from 2 years a dedicated support to whom who desire to have just a single platform to manage contents for both computer and mobile devices. Our websites respond dynamically to the request arrived from a mobile phone or a standard computer, to re-desing in a responsive manner all the images, menus and  contents present on the website.

This approach introduce some challenges that need to be addressed. Even if the majority of the contents loaded in a website doesn’t need to be re-designed for a  mobile interface, some others, such as embedded application or custom coded, needs a little work, in order to be readable from portable devices.

Other issues are also represented by advertising banners that in certain cases, cannot be loaded automatically by the responsive websites. There are some workaround we have in place to solve those issues related to divert certain type of browser into dedicated Ajax based pages, in order to let all the functionalities to work properly.

If you want to get in contact with us, we will be happy to discuss more in depth all your question on how to implement that solutions into your business.