Mobile to take over computer?

The results of a research conducted in October 2013 shows that in the next 5 – 7 years 1.2 billion of mobile devices will be producted and released into markets. With the actual demand, Gartner forecasts that 2014 sales for Android enabled devices will be around 1.1 billion pieces.Experts says that during this year, or at least in 2015 we will assist to an overtake in the use of mobile devices instead of computers. Despite this growth, there are still several operational, technical and commercial challenges to address before being able to make better use of mobile technology into specific business.Some topics to consider are:

  • How to extend business applications to mobile devices
  • How to realize a common develop framework that offers a real identity access management and traversal security
  • How to simplify the mobile architecture in order to  speed up deployment, release and integration processes.
  • How to decrease costs for maintenance, and develop.

These are all crucial points that every business should consider when planning the investments for the upcoming years. Business solutions provided by Ants Marching are all built considering how the future will be, and our customers are a step forward  into this technological revolution. All of our website solutions, are already built  for mobile platforms, and our mobile applications are integrated with other core systems in use by our customers.

We are all excited to see how this revolution will be, and the thing is, do  you want stand aside and look, or you want to be part of that? We are already in the process, and if you want to know more, just drop us a line here.