Marketing Strategy for 2015. It is not too late to get it started!

Every Marketing expert knows that the best thing for any business is to have a new Marketing Strategy ready just before New Year’s Day. Anyway, if you do not have planned or launched your Marketing Strategy for 2015, do not panic! Do not postpone any longer and get started, now!

2014 in Review

Before every new action, there is a deep analysis of the previous moves. You cannot identify your future steps without reviewing your walked path. It means that to determine what will work for you in 2015, you need to look back at 2014.

To start, you can ask yourself the essential questions necessary to highlight strengths and weaknesses of your Marketing Strategy for 2014. Review your previous year and consider the possible market changes, your clients’ feedback you have read or heard, the best and the worst marketing campaigns you carried out in 2014. To start, you can try to answer the following questions:

  • What did I learn from my clients’ feedback?
  • How did the market change since 2014 and what can I do to face these changes?
  • What were the most effective campaigns in 2014? Which ones had the highest ROI? Which ones created the most brand awareness?
  • Which 2014 campaigns were the least effective and why?
  • Was my 2014 marketing campaign above the rest of my competitors? Why?
Looking ahead for 2015

Now that you gather all this information from 2014, you are ready to outline the structure of your 2015 Marketing Strategy. Again, there are essential questions you need to answer, related to your service/products, possible marketing channels to use, strategic partners, etc. This part is the core of your 2015 Marketing Strategy and the following questions are some of the aspects you should consider for 2015:

  • Which products and services should I market in 2015? The same ones or should I update them?
  • What media channels should I use the most to reach my target? Internet Search? TV? Radio? Social Media? News?
  • Will I need to hire new strategic partners or are they already present within my company?
  • How will I manage my 2015 campaigns before and after their launch?
2015 Marketing Trends

Last but not least, some of the marketing trends for 2015:

  • Content is King: Content Marketing will be omnipresent for 2015. Consumers still look for relevant and informative content. You must not disappoint them.
  • Social Media Platforms: Determine which channels best suit your brand, and focus your social media marketing there.
  • Responsive Websites: Consumers use their mobile devices to buy, search, browse and share on the Internet.  The responsiveness of your website design is more important than ever.
  • Customization: Treat your consumers as persons, not as numbers! They want to be called by name, engaged, emotionally stimulated, and pampered. They want to feel like choosing a brand is a personal relationship choice.
  • Experiences: Consumers want to feel, want to live something to remember. Reach their heart and your brand will be difficult to forget in 2015 and beyond.

A new strategy for the new year is a must for your brand. Learn from previous success and failures. Be positive and always look for new challenges and how you can improve you company!