Improve your E-commerce with these 3 features

If your customer has been browsing on your website, jumping from product to product but did not make any purchase, there is something wrong with your conversion strategy. We want to underline the most important aspects to consider to keep your e-commerce website a trustful resource for your clients. We can use the most effective platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce or Drupal and create a stunning and user-friendly layout, but it will be your job to keep it effective, updated and trusted by your prospects.
You wonder how your clients could browse for so long without committing in the end. Well, there is a good chance your conversion efforts need some optimization; perhaps you’re lacking a buying hook.There are many ways to enhance your online store:

  1. Conversion Optimization
    • Testimonials: They play a crucial role for gaining customers’ confidence in your products. By placing testimonials around the site, on produce pages, and throughout the buying process, you are increasing the chances for your customers to make a purchase. “Approximately 72% of consumers surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations…”
    • Preview of the product: Choosing the right pictures and matching your image style with your brand are both a successful way to support your online store.  It is important to allow your customers to discover your products details. Adding a product video is an excellent way to easily show all the features of complicated products.
  2. Stronger Customer Care: e-commerce sellers are constantly battling the ease of face to face customer care that potential customers can get by heading to the closest mall. Having a customer service technician on the phone with each and every customer would be impossible. For this reason, you can rely on two major options:
    • Real-time contact: The use of live chat is becoming more and more popular among customers who prefer writing simple questions instead of picking up the phone and ask. Although, having contact information available is essential. Insert your direct contact information on many pages, not just on the contact page.
    • Self-service: FAQ’s remains a useful resource for many users. Giving your customers an always-updated FAQ’s page can lead to higher conversion rates. Be sure they have access to your entire history of product and service questions already asked.
  3. Smoother Purchasing Process
    • Generally, there is a lot of data entry when making a purchase online. As e-commerce seller, you could and should reduce this as minimal as possible. About 26% of online shoppers abandon online shopping baskets due to mandatory account registration. The solution is to make them complete the purchasing process before forcing them to fill in a survey, sign up on the website or similar. It is important that the entire process is flawless

Just drop us a line and let us help you setting the right platform and the features for your e-commerce strategy.