You website does not work on the Internet without an accurate Google AdWords campaign

We do know that Google evolves one day after the other one. Here at Ants Marching we are launching soon a new dedicated section for Google where we give a complete overlook of the Google-world from a marketing point of view and to leave you more confident when choosing amongst the Google jungle.While we work on this section, we would like spending some time in the top google’s product: AdWords. Talking about Google AdWords making a bit of comparison with the Search Engine Optimization results will be the topic today.When clients first approach us they usually are going to launch their first website or are looking to renew their current one. What our marketing specialists love saying is: yep, the website is now in the online space, how are you going to tell people you are there? How can people find your website? Here is where Google and Google AdWords come in handy. But… how does AdWords work? And, why may you choose to have a Google AdWords campaign while working on the SEO strategy? Perth‘s business sometimes feel lost in the marketing strategy they need to embrace.

Firstly: Google AdWords is your step to be where users are searching for you. Google is for users:

  • Relevant: they find information on Google useful (86% reach of Internet users)
  • They can access Google from anywhere
  • It is easy to use – just typing a name or a word means producing a list of relevant results
  • Objective

Cool – these are the benefits for the users. Now it is time to connect the users to you – the advertiser. Here is where Google AdWords comes with its work and its plus:

  • Precise campaign control
  • Measurable return on investment
  • Gobal audience of interested buyers

The other unique plus for the Google advertisers is that no matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and the Google advertising network within few hours after launching the campaigns. And – you’ll be charged only if people click your ads.

Why is AdWords different from the other advertising choices?
  • Results are measurable: you are 100% informed of what is going on – how many people view the ads, how many times people went through the ads, how long they stay in your website and if they convert (did they subscribe a service? Buy something? Contact you?)
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) is higher than standard online advertising: it means users click through your ads more often than they do on the banners
  • No  matter where you are located: your ad can reach any people in the world. AdWords allows geo targeting, so if you are in Western Australia, Perth you can advertise your product in Kenya (yes, you read correctly, Kenya, Africa). Or you can decide to avoid wastage and communicate only to people in Busselton. Only your potential customers will see the ad, not people in Kalgoorlie. Can you try to figure out any other advertising service that allows you this?
  • Several targeting options – sharpen your focus: target your customers per region, city, language

Why do we love Google AdWords and why we think it may be the right media when launching a business or promoting a current one? It is quicker than SEO – Google continuously changes the algorithm and while you work on getting the website in the first 20 results, you are losing potential customers. Our strategy is: work on the SEO strategy to reach long term results but gives your business fresh results launching it on the top results of Google. How? Launch the AdWords campaign!

Don’t go through the AdWords stuff on your own though – Google says it is easy to manage and you can do by yourself. Our Perth Search Engine Marketing specialist is accredited Google Adwords Professional with years of experience in creating, managing and optimising your Google Adwords campaign so that you achieve the best results at the lowest cost. With a small investment in management fee you’ll save time and money.

We have a 100% track record for increasing the performance and decreasing the costs of clients Google AdWords campaigns. Call Us today for a chat about your business.

We’ll advise you on:

  • Budget
  • Keywords
  • Campaigns
  • Strategy
  • Website improvement

Give your business the flair and the promotion it deserves.