Facebook thing: CRM and Custom Ads

As Facebook grows, new features are included. Ants Marching and the marketing consultants continue to stay on top of these by reading any new updates. Most of the coming evolution are firstly tested and launched in the US market and when winning they are then released world wide.

We are now analyzing the potentiality offered by Facebook – Custom Audience Ads and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This new feature is already active and creating the custom audience does not cost anything.

At the Dreamforce conference Ad Targeting became clear, as Facebook ad chief David Fischer formally launched “Custom Audience” ads and how they tie into CRM. This is going to be hugely profitable for advertisers and Facebook. The Custom Audience let businesses submit a text or CSV file of privacy-protected hashed email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook User IDs and have Facebook target those people with a specific ad. Businesses can also layer on additional ad targeting parameters, such as age or interests to reach a specific demographic within a customer segment.

Many industries may benefit from this new feature:

– A car company with email addresses of its customers could target “buy a new SUV” ads to people who bought an SUV 5+ years ago, while targeting “Find nearby charging stations” to those who recently bought an electric vehicle.

– A bank company could target different ads to customers with savings of $5,000 versus customers with $5 million.

A Facebook game developer could plug in the user IDs of its gamers, targeting ads for its newest war-strategy games to those who played its old strategy game, while targeting ads for its latest shopping game to users who played its fashion game.

– A B2B vendor could submit a file of the phone numbers of its biggest clients and target ads for a premium service to them to increase revenue, while targeting its newest clients with ads for discounts to increase loyalty.

– Instead of targeting general ads to all its Facebook fans encouraging return visits, Amazon could advertise specific products to segments of its customers who’ve bought similar things.

Thanks to this feature, Facebook will allow precise targeting of existing customers and it can turn in a huge return on investment for advertisers and encourage higher rates for the ads on Facebook.

CRM and Facebook ads will become soon real… we just need the full release and start taking advantage of this!

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