Email marketing is not dead

Email Marketing could sound for many an outdated thing. Social media platforms and mobile marketing may catch all the attention and discourage the use of email marketing.

The truth is that email marketing works very well. An effective content marketing approach and a well-developed social media strategy make the email a powerful marketing resource. In fact, this is the main direct channel of communication for conversion to sales. Email marketing moves the conversation about your business to a more personal space: your email inbox.

Email not only is a potent marketing tool, but it’s also amazingly cost-effective. With an extremely positive ROI rates, email marketing is the strategy that moves from a conversation stage to the next step: the sales. New marketing consultants  promote the use of a good email marketing plan for its results and its strong call-to-action feature.

What makes email marketing work?

Email marketing works when a value exchange occurs between your company and your prospects. Email marketing relies on valuable and well-written content exchanged for your prospects’ treasured time. This accurate balance is fundamental if you want to achieve excellent conversion rates.

How can I write good content email?

Good email content calls to action through:

–     effective subject lines (your message will be opened)

–     the tone of your voice (those messages will be read)

–   providing quality and informative content that your prospects will share with others (becoming a reference by word-of-mouth)

Your email marketing must not contain a cold self-promoting message. It must aim to establish a trustful relationship with your subscribers. The purpose of email marketing is to enhance your company’s direct communication with your prospects through valuable information. Your subscribers will enjoy your content. Your email marketing will reinforce their loyalty towards your brand.