How to turn interesting posts into an essential marketing tool

Having a news section in your corporate website or an external blog is as important as your Facebook company profile. It does not matter if your business is related to the mining field, the retail sector or the world of printers: writing interesting articles is a fundamental marketing tool for your company.

Many businesses already know the importance of selling their products or services without selling them.

Let us be clearer. You do not need to push your company towards your clients or prospects. You should generate a genuine interest among your customers by arousing their curiosity through interesting posts. More than for the products the companies sell, people love companies for the way they behave, for the corporate image they reflect and for the importance they have in people’s lives.

To do that, it is important for you to follow some guidelines:

1.     Writing posts

2.     Respecting the scheduled frequency of the posts

These two simple steps are the key to reach your customers’ hearts and their curiosity. Let list some examples.

Let’s pretend you wrote a recipes book and you want to start selling it. The best way to get known is by catching your prospects’ attention.

How? By spreading the news (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest…) and by writing interesting posts about things that matter to them.

For example, if you know that your customers are busy parents with few time to spend cooking for their family, you may start writing tips and tricks about how to quickly cook some delicious meals for the whole family. They will find your information important and will start following your brand. Engaging their attention, this is the key. Becoming a reference for your customers, this is the most important achievement for your company.

The marketing rules you have to follow if you want to turn your interesting posts into remarkable posts:

3.       Conceiving and developing a stunning website

This is a fundamental aspect of your marketing strategy. Definitely, the layout, the User Interface and the User Experience of your webpage must be accurately developed. If you do not know how to do it, rely on a specialist and start to learn to manage your page once it has been created.

4.       SEO-friendly posts

To conclude, your articles should be interesting for your prospects, but SEO-friendly for the search engines. This is the ultimate step to get your brand, product, service or just yourself known by your targeted audience in the digital space first and, if you do it right, you could get known by the entire world later!