The Advantages of solid marketing strategies

In recent years the digital revolution is evolving, providing tools and applications to simplify the access to informations on large scale, to both companies and end customers.
The evolution of technology tends to change quickly, and it will be more and more. Companies operating in the main market  sectors, are readjusting their business strategies to cope with this new revolution in progress.
How can your company keep pace with those changes in action? Our recommendations are summarized in practical marketing strategies that we provide to our customers.Diversifying investments in more marketing channels today is a choice that has proven successes in many cases. Let’s see some examples of how to segment investment strategies to maximize our ROI.



LinkedIn has the potential of being a key resource for ongoing lead generation and engagement with customers and end customers.

Companies can engage on LinkedIn via a company page which can be linked to individual employee pages and to the main website. A key component of  successful ongoing LinkedIn strategies will be how the sales team and key executives engage with connections on LinkedIn to get in contact with individuals and companies for ongoing exchange strategies.

Alternatively, other strategies to reach the right targets, can include linkedin advertising campaigns. Those campaigns will target the audience by identifying people on job title, age, or even city and country.

The application of those targeted linkedin strategies, will have a clear comparable return in order to maximize your ROI.


Videos are what people are looking today!

Develop a repository via a youtube channel is an option to consider when planning investments. Over 60% of internet traffic is dedicated to displaying video. A key factor for successful strategies is just that.

Make the best use  of Youtube to grow the brand perception, is a crucial step in developing strategies. Publish video on products, giving emphasis on the quality, will increase the engagement of the audience both on your brand and on the product itself.


Make sure that your client knows about  the progress and initiatives you are doing. This is the purpose of marketing campaigns via e-mail. Your newsletters should include contents relevant to your customers that helps establish you as a thought leader in your space. For example, in your newsletter, you should include featured articles that are relevant to your company from other sources, and then add some of your own tips.

Be sure to include a way for customers to get in touch with comments or suggestions, which could provide some good topics for future articles.


That’s the most relevant part! An ambassador, is someone who loves your products and can’t stop telling others how good you are. But how to reach those crucial profiles over millions available? The best thing to do is to chase on social media who is already talking about you and what you are doing.

Next you need to engage with those audience by building proficient relationships and create measurements to link their activities with your sales department. Many strategies are available to start turning a normal visitor into a brand ambassador, like giving out promotions to those who are already engaged to promote to their own network your brand.

These are just some ideas that Ants Marching offers in their marketing strategies. If you are willing to investigate this argument pleasecontact us and we will be happy to build together a plan for your development for the medium and long term.