by Andrea Michelotti

Digital marketing is a concept that includes a mix of different factors that need to happen in order to be successful when ranking on Google.

In this article I wish to cover the last stage of a website project: traffic acquisition. This is a very challenging stage for every marketing agency, and also one of the most difficult.

The acquisition can happen in three ways: Organic, Paid and Social. I will discuss in depth the organic acquisition, which includes the SEO activities.

SEO activities can be summarized as On Page Activities and Off page Activities. On Page Techniques, are the ones that a webmaster can do directly on the page that need to rank for a specific keyword.  This article on the SEO On Page Techniques is an handy guide that shows exactly the things to consider when building a page and a content for a specific keyword.

On the other hand, the off page activities, are all the others that are related to actions on the web. These are crucial in order to start building your reputation on the the Internet through other websites. has released this article that discusses all the things to consider when building a consistent network of backlinks, crosslink or Community blogging.

At the end of the day, what we really are interested in is how to measure the success of the activities done over time. What we basically would expect from marketing activities is substantially a better ranking on Google.

The following SEO tools are the ones that every marketer should use to read and analyze data. Lets’ start from the ones needed by a developer when releasing a good, fast and reliable website:

Site Metrics: All these tools are good starting point to measure the speed and reliability of a website. They are all very similar, but our preferred one is The difference with the others is the ease of use and the way the results are presented are extremely easy to read and understand.

Google emphasize the first 14KB transferred from  a website. So don’t underestimate the speed and the hosting for your website.

Site Backlinks: The following are SEO tools that let you know which are the backlinks that are pointing to your site. Backlinks are the master game behind the SEO Strategy of a company.

Avoiding spammy backlinks, or low Authoritative domains are the basics for a good strategy. My suggestion is to go to MonitorBacklinks, as this is very useful when comparing your results with your competitors.

Site Ranking Monitoring: These are very useful tools that shows your position on Google against a given keyword.

My thought is that these are the final indicators of the entire project. They can measure exactly your position on the SERP per single keyword. The majority those SEO Tools gives you the possibility to track historical data, giving the trends per week.

SEMRush is a good one, as it can compare your results against a set of competitors that you can configure in the application.  It’s a good tool that I suggest to anyone that wants to master the SEO  activities.