Portable XRF Services

Marketing Management – Web Design – Branding

The company – Portable XRF Services

Portable XRF Services is an Australian based company established in 2010 to provide independent services into the ever increasing pXRF market with a focus on the mineral industry.

The services provided by PXRFS are:
– Rental services
– Training Services
– Instrument Calibrations and Reference Materials.

What we did

  • Branding Design and implementation
  • Website Development
  • Database Management
Portable XRF Services - Ants Marching Logo

Business Challenge

The company is mainly composed by Geochemical Scientists and Researchers. Since the beginning was clear that the team has a strong competence on the technical side, and the company faced the difficulties in getting new leads from the online channels.

No specific portals or marketing materials were in place, and also there were no direction on how to better sell services and trainings.
The management advised the necessity to implement something to attract new customers and increase the number of sales.

The competition on this segment is quite hard, but the rental model adopted by PXRFS could make the difference in the placement agains the competitors.

Our Solution

A strong market research has been made to clearly identify how the competition was placed against PXRFS Services.

An assessment of the weak points has been made to correctly identify the improvement areas and the tools needed to reach the objectives.

After identifying the steps needed we provided a detailed Marketing Strategy that covered:

  • The market position
  • The actual state of sales and marketing proposal
  • Online and offline tools that could be implemented to consolidate the position in the market
  • A social strategy to collect leads also from different channels

We have provided the budget allocation for the areas analyzed on the Marketing Strategy, and the activities have been developed implemented as single projects.