Get Your Visa

Marketing Management – Design – Branding – Business Consultancy

The company – Get Your Visa

Established in 2012, Get Your Visa, is a Migration Agency based in Perth. The company mission is to provide personal and professional migration assistance to people who decide to move to Australia.

Get Your Visa, works as the interface between the organizations that want to sponsor employees, individuals (or families) that wants to move to Australia, and the immigration department.

What we did

  • Branding Design and implementation
  • Process improvement
  • System Integration
  • Website Development
  • Database Management

Business Challenge

In this competitive market, Get Your Visa, was mainly known by others by word of mouth. A VISA application is generally made of documents provided by clients that needs to be forwarded to the immigration department. The processes in place were not 100% automatic, and the effort on a single case was pretty high.

The management decided to make a step forward, and identified in the following points the actions that needed to be organized and delivered to increase the value proposition of the company:

– Identity and Branding
– Processes and Systems
– Social Media Management

Our Solution

Ants Marching started the analysis through a market investigation, identifying the improvement areas in which the clients can grow to make the difference from the competition.

Identity and Branding

We started by building a new fresh image of the company, to be more friendly and indicated for a young audience. We delivered, a new logo, the stationery needed by the company for external communications, and all the brochures and flyers to increase the market presence in the WA metro area.

Processes and Systems

After an initial assessment, Ants Marching provided a couple of solution to put in place a CRM and manage through the software all the communications between the company and the clients. We have analyzed and implemented all the processes needed by the company to have in one platform all the necessary information to manage a case.

Social Media Management

In this specific market segment, Social Media is playing a crucial role in getting new leads. Ants Marching delivered a targeted spending strategy in order to advertise key articles on the web platform through all the major Social Networks.