Downhole Surveys

Marketing Management – Design – Business Consultancy – Web Development

The company – Downhole Surveys

Established in 1989, Downhole Surveys is an innovative West Australian based company specialising in providing rental equipment and directional surveying services to the mining, exploration and drilling industries.

Downhole Surveys are the absolute authority when it comes to directional surveying technology and techniques, and through constant research and field testing have become recognised as the leader in bringing innovative technology to the industry.

With an annual turnover of more than $3M Downhole Surveys can be considered as leader in the innovations for the mining and exploration sector.

What we did

  • Branding Design and implementation
  • Process improvement
  • System Integration
  • Website Development
  • Database Management

Business Challenge

The company has a strong attitude to Research and Develop new solutions for the exploration and mining market segment. The competition is quite hard, but the strong attitude to adapt new technologies to the sector, placed Downhole Surveys well positioned against other competitors.

As the company is made primarily of researchers and explorations specialists, the management advised the necessity to consolidate their position through a valid marketing strategy.

Our Solution

Ants Marching investigated together with the client Management Team the expectations and the goals needed by the implementation of a Marketing Strategy.

Once the requirements have been collected, the Marketing Team developed a detailed document to cover all the marketing aspects that clearly explained the actual company position in the market, and the tools to implement in order to improve their position and achieve the agreed objectives.

The marketing strategy provided covered the following topics:

  • Company Position against competition
  • Brand awareness
  • Marketing tools that were in place
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Marketing activities to reach the objectives in the agreed time frame.

Once the document has been approved, Ants Marching provided the budget allocation for all the activities needed, and each one of them became a single project with a start and end date.

The projects covered were:
Online Marketing

  • Linkedin Campaigns
  • Adwords Campaigns
  • Newsletter Management
  • Lead Management
  • Database Management
  • Display Advertising and Remarketing

Event Management

  • Event Stand Design
  • Large Format Printings Management
  • Wine Labels Design
  • Guest Host Badges
  • On Screen presentations

Offline Marketing

  • A4 and flyer Design and Printing
  • Brochure design

All the activities are reported monthly through a detailed document that clearly shows the impact of the activities on the business.