About Us

Our mission is to deliver tangible results without unpleasant surprises.

Who we are

Digital Marketing for others is our core service. Top quality services and high level of delivered products is our daily mission in Perth. At Ants Marching our purpose is to be the Perth ’s best player of creative strategies that truly move people.

We strive to put a meaningful purpose at the centre of our clients’ nature.
We aim to transform the way people think, feel and behave about marketing, online advertising and website development. The relationship we ultimately create is a human one.

Where do we come from

Ants Marching were born from the initiative of the owners who loved the idea of being as an ant. How do you imagine the ants? They live everywhere, doesn’t matter how cold the weather is.

They work incessantly and collaborate to build projects together. And they march incessantly to strike for the goal. Ants Marching are exactly like that: work and collaborate to achieve something unique.

We create meaningful connections between brands and their existing and potential customers. A team of professionals work close to you until the final product is released. You’ll never feel disappointed or not informed. Your satisfaction is what makes us proud.

Management Team

Andrea Michelotti - Digital Marketing Specialist

Marco Michelotti - IT Specialist